Saturday, 31 August 2013

Where to shop for...

When you start off as a student fending for yourself everything seems ridiculously expensive. Living on a student budget can be difficult but from a year at uni I've learnt a few places to go for some good deals and I hope these tips are useful for you too! 

Food - as well as main supermarkets

  •  Aldi or lidl - Both shops have really reasonable prices and although you've probably never heard of half of the brands you can't really taste any difference 
  • Shops like b&m or home bargains - These shops sell loads of things like homeware, food and toiletries for fantastically cheap prices 
  • European or oriental food shops - Even though you couldn't do a weekly shop in either of these shops they come in really handy for cheap alternatives to some products. Oriental shops are great for things like noodles and stir fry sauces and European shops are great for cheap snacks like crisps and cake - not exactly healthy but when you're a student and its cheap who cares? :)
  • Markets - Many towns have brilliant markets and sometimes they have great deals - where I live there is a great veg stall where I get all of my veg for the week for under £5 - and I buy a lot of veg
  • Butchers - sometimes butchers do great deals on meat - especially packs which would cost an arm and a leg in a supermarket - the meat is always so much better as well


  • Charity Shops - If you really search through shops like Martha trust or oxfam you can find some really good items like clothes, jewellery or even books, you can save loads of money too
  • Brands like Primark - Primark is perfect for cheap, disposable clothing and you can find something for everyone. I buy stuff there for everyday wear, nights out and even sometimes for fancy dress
  • Online Sales - I find really cheap deals on certain websites and the sales on online stores are always amazing! I normally find great stuff from sites like boohoo, missguided and asos and delivery is usually pretty fast
  • eBay - This site is great for fancy dress costumes and everyday clothes. Shipping can sometimes be a little pricey but I've been able to get dresses or jewellery for around 99p so I can't complain

Makeup and toiletries

  • Superdrug - MUA and NYC are really good quality and cheap brands, most stuff is around £1 which is perfect for a student budget
  • Boots - their natural collection stuff is really great value and their points system means in the long run you can save money
  • Savers - they sell branded hair products for reasonable prices and other toiletries cheaply

For online deals

  • Voucher Codes - I haven't used this one myself but I've heard great things about it
  • Student Beans - this website is amazing! It has lots of hints and tips as well as telling you about online sales and deals exclusively for people registered to the website

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