Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Dreaded Hangover

No matter how well you can handle your alcohol at some point in your University life you will have a hangover (unless you don't drink.) There are many ways to get rid of a hangover and I may even do a blog just for girls to show you how to hide your hangover with makeup when you miss your alarm and only have a few minutes to get ready and look alive. These are the things that I do to feel better after having one too many drinks and I hope this helps!

Before you go out

  • Make sure there is nothing on your bed other than your covers and pyjamas so that once you get home you can go straight to bed
  • Leave a pint of water by your bed - you should always drink as much water as you do alcohol to prevent the hangover in the first place
  • If you need to Set An Alarm!! - If you need to be somewhere the next day set an alarm while you are still sober so that you don't forget later in the night
When you get home
  • Drink the water you left out - before you go to bed drink something!!! 
  • If you don't feel too queasy, eat some food - toast is easy and quick to make for example
  • Get a good nights sleep 
In the morning
  • Have a large drink - water is great but you can also have fruit juice or even a smoothie, all of them help you to re hydrate 
  • Wash your face - this helps to refresh you quickly and for girls, takes the makeup off from the night before
  • Eat a good breakfast - food will help fill your stomach and should help you to feel better - but if you're feeling sick maybe only eat something like crackers - rich food won't help
If you still feel ill
  • Take something for the pain - If you have a headache take something like paracetamol or aspirin and if you have no energy, take a beroca
  • Go to bed - If you're feeling particularly fragile it's better to get some more sleep than to suffer in a lecture - I'm not saying you should take this step often, only if the hangover is particularly bad
I hope this helps xx 

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