Friday, 16 August 2013

What to do after Results

So if you're in the UK A-level results were released yesterday and you would have found out whether or not you got into University or got the grades needed for other things like apprenticeships etc. Congratulations to everyone who got what they wanted and to those who didn't... you may be thinking what can you do now but the best thing to do is not to give up. A recent article I read said that students lose their ambition when they get bad results and are likely to give up on certain career paths. But an attitude like that won't get you anywhere. Don't let what other people say to you or some results get in your way! If you haven't got the grades you needed or wanted maybe consider re-taking a levels or even thinking of another course that you may enjoy more or that may help you achieve the grade you need. A lot of people think that you may be left out if don't go to Uni as soon as you leave college and you'll be older than everyone in your year but its not true. I know people from ages 18 to 23 in their first year and even mature students so taking some more time to get into your Uni of choice isn't a big deal. Just make sure you think a lot about what you want to do before giving up!!!!
To those of you who did get in to University you now have a lot to sort out and prepare for when you arrive in September..

  • Go on your Uni's fresher page on Facebook or Twitter and check out any information you may need for moving day, freshers or their Uni in general
  • Try and find the reading list for your course. Getting the essential texts before term starts usually works out cheaper and gives you an idea of what to expect in lectures and seminars
  • Make a checklist! Make sure that somewhere you have a list of everything you need to pack from room stuff to clothes to stationary to fancy dress. Also have an idea of what food you want to buy from the supermarket when you get there!
And finally, for everyone no matter whether your results were good or bad, enjoy the summer. You may have a lot to think about and organise but come September you may not see some of your friends for a while and you shouldn't let other things affect friendships. I wish you all the best for whatever comes next and I hope no one gives up on their ambition! There is more than one way to achieve any goal! xx

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