Thursday, 7 November 2013

Getting Healthy

Last year at Uni I found that McDonalds became my best friend, along with lots of other fast food restaurants! So this year I've decided to change my eating habits and to get healthy. So I'm going to be trying lots of new foods and new recipes and hope you guys can join with me. Most people told me that at Uni all you can afford to buy is unhealthy food.
I can prove them wrong! I have begun shopping at my local market and butchers and have spent the same (or sometimes less) on a weekly shop. I know you can't get everything from these places but I've also stocked up on things like pasta, rice and bread every week or few weeks. I've found that buying vegetables when in season from a vegetable and fruit stall makes you think more about trying new things. For example I'd never cooked sweet potato but now I seem to be eating it with every meal.
So I'm going to share my experiences with you guys. Writing down any interesting foods I try and any recipes I think of that I think you would enjoy!
Fast food may be nice but if you cook veg properly it can taste really good and make you feel a lot better about yourself!

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