Thursday, 24 October 2013


I've always wanted to be part of a sport but never actually liked sport. So I looked at all the sports societies at my university and came across something interesting. The pole fitness society! I've never had much body confidence so the thought of dancing around a pole in minimal clothing actually terrifies me. However I've decided to join anyway.
Now to those of you who think its all about dancing like a slut in your underwear... you are very wrong. The only reason people wear small clothes; shorts and tops, not underwear, is because you need to grip the pole to do the moves. Now I've never actually done the sport and my first session is this Sunday, but I know it is a sport! How do I know? I have to do 2 hours of fitness and circuit training a week and 2 hours of core strengthening and stretching weekly as well. Pole fitness can be a competitive sport and really works on your fitness and toning. Which I'm glad about because I am seriously unfit.
I am so excited to try it out and will post about my progress, hopefully whilst simultaneously proving it doesn't objectify women!
Hope this inspires some people to try it out as well :D xx

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