Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Being Yourself!!!

Its always interesting to talk to my friends from different universities to see if there are things that all students experience. One of my friends is currently a fresher whereas I'm a second year so its fun to see how her uni life is different to mine. However when I was on the phone to her she told me something that I experienced myself when first joining Uni.
Being around a completely different group of people changes our personalities unintentionally. Back at your home town your friends know exactly what you're like and whether you have certain quirky personality traits. But when you turn up in a new place with people who might be the complete opposite to you its hard to truly be yourself just in case they don't like what they see. It may sound like you're being superficial but I think its just about acceptance. Knowing you have to live with strangers 24 hours a day 7 days a week is difficult and its hard to open up straight away. Personally I have a rather loud personality and can be a bit annoying at times and going to Uni knowing that made me worry that my flatmates would get bored of me quickly. I found it really hard at times, being somebody I wasn't and sometimes I would just stay in my room so that I didn't have to act. The only time I felt like myself was when I was on the phone to friends.
I don't want to worry anyone by writing this I just want to know if anyone has or is experiencing this. If you are feeling just like I did all I can say is it gets better. Everyone is in the same position and people grow accustomed to each other and love one another's quirks! My flat know I'm loud and crazy but they also know I'm bubbly and optimistic and will be there for me when I'm not. Its so true that your uni friends will be friends for life, now I can't imagine being here without them and feel completely happy with who I am. I hope you all do too! :) xx

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